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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Bambu Face Pads made of?

Our Bambu Face pads are made from Bamboo Rayon fabric. Our buttery soft eye makeup remover pads are made from bamboo velour fabric and our soft and durable facial pads are made from bamboo terry cotton.

  • How long do the Bambu Face Pads last?

200 or more machine washes.

  • How do I clean my Bambu Face Pads?

Have a look at our Bambu Face Care page on how to clean.

  • Can I use my toner with the Bambu Face Pads?

Yes you can! They are thin enough to use with toners or chemical exfoliants. Some absorption will occur as with using any fabric alternative.

  • Can I buy Bambu Face pads individually?

Bambu Face is sold in 10 or 16  pad kit options only.

  • Can you use nail varnish remover with pads?

Yes you can! We would recommend setting one of the green labeled Bambu Face pads aside for this. Make sure to wash the pad directly after use to avoid the acetone making the pad hard.